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Cols Guide to… VXLAN

Your indispensible guides to making your IT life simpler. So what is VXLAN and why do we need it? Well put simply it’s VLAN with an X in the middle 🙂 the X standing for eXtensible. VXLAN was a joint … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Boot From SAN Video Walktrough

Hi All I’ve been meaning to do this video for ages and finally had some time to do it. The most common questions I tend to get are generally around booting a Cisco UCS Server from the SAN. Now in … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Processor Journey

While not perhaps the most interesting topic for some, this is a post I have been meaning to do for some time, and the recent Intel E5-2600v2 CPU Additions into the Cisco UCS lineup have kicked my butt into writing … Continue reading

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Response to the Video “HP OneView + HP BladeSystem: Faster, Simpler, Smarter than Cisco UCS Manager”

Now I don’t usually involve myself in Vendor hype and “FUD Spreading” including that from Cisco, I understand it’s the world we live in, and my role and value as an independent Consultant is to cut through all that, and … Continue reading

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20Gb + 20Gb = 10Gb? UCS M3 Blade I/O Explained

There comes a time, when if I have to answer the same question a certain number of times, I think “this obviously requires a blog post”, so I can just tell the next person who asks to go and read … Continue reading

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Monitoring Cisco UCS

I am sure I’m opening up a huge can of worms with this post, but all those who know me, will know that I am never one to shy away from controversy or from encouraging debate. In my role as … Continue reading

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UCS Manager 2.1

As you may be aware a major UCS Manager update has been in development for the past 12 Months or so, I have been keeping a keen eye on this as there are several aspects to the new release which … Continue reading

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UCS Central Announced

So it’s finally here, the product we have been anxiously awaiting for over a year since the vague details and whispers of what was known as “Pasadena” began to circulate. If like me you do some very large Cisco UCS … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Traffic Separation

Most of my blog posts derive not from what I think you ought to know about Cisco UCS although some certainly do, but generally from customer questions about the technology, and if one customer is asking a particular question then … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Active Directory Integration

Last week on Twitter I asked for the topics people would most like to see covered on my blog, and the winner was Cisco UCS and LDAP / AD Intergration so here it is: As a side note I also … Continue reading

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