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Cisco Live Europe 2019

Another great Cisco Live Europe this year, as usual as the week progresses the dummer I feel, as I see there is still so many topics I don’t know enough about. But as always I come away wiser and with … Continue reading

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An Epyc new addition to the UCS Family!

  Back in February of this year, when I read an article in The Register, announcing that Raghu Nambiar, the then chief technology officer for UCS servers had joined AMD. I didn’t think too much of it, but when I also … Continue reading

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UCS for Storage People.

This latest post in my “UCS for….” Series attempts to put across the Cisco UCS key concept of the Blade and its role in the UCS system for people already familiar with Storage Concepts. The role of the Blade has … Continue reading

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UCS for HP People

Following on from the popular “UCS for my Wife” I have been inspired to write a quick Architecture comparison for people familiar with the HP C7000 Chassis who want a quick UCS comparison. I’m not going into the “which is … Continue reading

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UCS and VCS a great combination.

Let it not be said that I don’t listen to my readership, a couple of weeks ago I tweeted that I had setup one of our in-house Cisco UCS pods to our Solutions Centre Brocade Virtual Cluster Switching (VCS) Ethernet … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Fear the power?

In a lot of the workshops I host or skills transfer sessions I conduct with clients, The response is generally wow this stuff is incredibly powerful, being able to update 160 servers firmware simultaneously in a couple of mouse clicks, … Continue reading

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Welcome to UCSGuru, Your in depth source on Cisco UCS

This site is intended as a independent source for all things Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

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