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Sizing your Cisco HyperFlex Cluster

Calculating the usable capacity of your HyperFlex cluster under all scenarios is worth taking some time to fully understand The most significant design decision to take, is whether to optimise your HyperFlex cluster for Capacity or Availability, as with most … Continue reading

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Cisco HyperFlexes its muscles.

If “Software Defined X” has been the hot topic over the last couple of years then “Hyperconvergence” is certainly set to be one of the hottest topics of 2016, like most buzzwords it’s a very overused term, the word even has “hype” in the … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Generation 3 First Look.

I noticed last week that Cisco have just released the eagerly awaited Cisco UCS 3.1 code “Granada” on CCO. Whenever a major or a minor code drop appears the first thing I always do is read the  Release Notes , to see … Continue reading

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CCIE Program Refresh, My thoughts.

The world of technology as we know is changing fast, faster than many predicted. This is certainly true in the data center. In the “Old days” (more than 3 years ago) most of my time was spent evangelising a particular … Continue reading

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Why did “Renaming” an unused VLAN bring down my entire production management environment?

Why did “Renaming” an unused VLAN bring down my entire production Cisco UCS management environment? Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Integration with Cisco ACI

This video gives a complete walkthrough of configuring a Cisco UCS domain into a Cisco ACI Fabric, and then extending the Cisco ACI Policy into a VMware vSphere environment within that UCS infrastructure. Have fun!  

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Where’s the Tyrrel gone?

Those that know me, will be well aware that I’m no stranger to the inside of a saloon, and it was during one of these evenings that I got into a debate on Formula 1, now I don’t really follow … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS New M4 Additions!

Following on from last weeks big announcements and the teaser on the new M4 line-up I am pleased to say I can now post the details of that new line-up. The new M4 servers, are based on the Intel Grantley-EP … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS: Major Announcement

Hi All It’s finally September the 4th which means only one thing, the biggest single day of Cisco UCS announcements since the products launch 5 years ago. The strapline of the launch is “Computing at every scale” And “Scale” both … Continue reading

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