Response to the Video “HP OneView + HP BladeSystem: Faster, Simpler, Smarter than Cisco UCS Manager”

Now I don’t usually involve myself in Vendor hype and “FUD Spreading” including that from Cisco, I understand it’s the world we live in, and my role and value as an independent Consultant is to cut through all that, and be a trusted advisor to my Client.

So what’s changed? Well nothing really and I don’t see this as becoming a habit, but I do think I need to call HP out on the latest competitive video of HP OneView Vs Cisco UCS Manager on YouTube

See below link

HP OneView Vs Cisco UCS Manager

Now I’m not going to list every inaccuracy or inefficiency by time stamp, (although I am tempted) but it is obvious that HP are not showing UCS in its best light, or put more bluntly are not using the product correctly.

For instance if I were to make the below statement:

“Look how long it takes to cut the lawn!”

And then proceed to use scissors to cut each blade of grass, I’m sure you would all immediately spot my flawed logic. but use the right tool, and see how long it takes with an Ultra Power Mower!

And this was my main issue with the Video, they failed to use the right tool for the right job, Chris Bradley was doing everything manually and commenting how long it would all take, whereas if he had used the correct tool (vNIC and Updating Templates) he would have been done in no time.

And re: moving a Service Profile to another blade, you certainly do not have to validate that the hardware matches! that’s how I do a lot of stateless upgrades (and downgrades for that matter) moving Service Profiles between different blade types/specs is a great way to Flex up or Flex Down a workload or host as your needs change.

The Video specifically called out the complexity involved in “Pattern Matching” compatible servers for a Service Profile move, again using the right tool (Server Groups) this doesn’t even require thinking about.

Now I haven’t played with HP OneView yet and on the face of it, it looks interesting and certainly a big step in the right direction, but trying to score “Cheap Shots” and inaccurate ones at that, doesn’t seem to me the best marketing strategy.

I for one will be comparing the two products and will engage one of our internal HP Experts to ensure that both products are shown and demo’d in their best light.

Come on HP you’re better than that, this video is your Biggest “Own Goal” since Tolly.



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3 Responses to Response to the Video “HP OneView + HP BladeSystem: Faster, Simpler, Smarter than Cisco UCS Manager”

  1. DC_chick says:

    All excellent points!… I haven’t used HP OneView either, but it sounds almost identical to UCS Central – how can they harp on UCS not being easy to manage past 10 chassis, when obviously it is!

  2. Aaron Reid says:

    it would be nice to see a comparison of how UCS / UCS Central compares to HP1V because it does seem like the HP1V has a simpler and yet more scalable solution

  3. Maybe the first step was to compare something which can be compare… Compare UCSM to Oneview is the same as comparing UCS Director to iLO. Oneview is not a free tool… Comparing Onboard Administrator to UCSM make sense, like comparing iLO to CIMC, like comparing UCS Central to Insight Manager (i Think) and for the last: OneView to Director.

    Maybe i’m wrong….

    Don’t have test all these tools.

    Jacques MARENGO

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