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Cisco UCS Traffic Separation

Most of my blog posts derive not from what I think you ought to know about Cisco UCS although some certainly do, but generally from customer questions about the technology, and if one customer is asking a particular question then … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Active Directory Integration

Last week on Twitter I asked for the topics people would most like to see covered on my blog, and the winner was Cisco UCS and LDAP / AD Intergration so here it is: As a side note I also … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS Fear the power?

In a lot of the workshops I host or skills transfer sessions I conduct with clients, The response is generally wow this stuff is incredibly powerful, being able to update 160 servers firmware simultaneously in a couple of mouse clicks, … Continue reading

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Understanding UCS VIF Paths

In the UCS world where a virtual NIC on a virtual server is connected to a virtual port on a virtual switch by a virtual cable, it is not surprising that there can be confusion about what path packets are … Continue reading

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UCS: The Perfect Solution?

I was talking to a customer the other day, who said to me, words to the effect of “I’m sure you can talk to me for hours about how good Cisco UCS is and all its good points, but I … Continue reading

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vSphere 5 new licensing model.

Up until now Cisco along with other vendors have been hugely driving up memory capacity while maintaining low CPU counts, Cisco’s Extended memory technology certainly gave them the edge in this space, however with greater DDR3 DIMM sizes ( 16GB … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday UCS

This month marks the 2nd birthday of Cisco UCS, 5400 customers and growing fast. Happy birthday. and what a cool cake.

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HP’s Response to UCS Have a look at the above URL for an interesting and forthright view from HP on Cisco UCS. Although a quick “find and replace” of boths vendors does bring back some memories. July 2006 – The Blu-Ray marketing machine … Continue reading

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The 5 Karate Moves of Cisco UCS

In the same way that the Karate Kid only knew 5 Karate moves and was then immediately able to beat black belts and win a whole tournament, once you know the 5 “Moves” below you will know all the key … Continue reading

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Welcome to UCSGuru, Your in depth source on Cisco UCS

This site is intended as a independent source for all things Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

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