HP’s Response to UCS


Have a look at the above URL for an interesting and forthright view from HP on Cisco UCS.
Although a quick “find and replace” of boths vendors does bring back some memories.

July 2006 – The Blu-Ray marketing machine has been in full gear since early 2006 touting their first attempt at home video entertainment, the so called Blu-ray player. Now that Blu-ray, has been in the market for little over one year we thought it would be useful to take a closer look at the facts, separated from the marketing hyperbole.
While in theory Blu-ray players compete with the VHS systems, VHS’s leadership in the market has been validated by decades of innovation, real world experience and market leadership.

Please consider the following facts.
Fact 1: Blu-ray lacks the real world validation points that VHS delivers.
The market leadership and scale demonstrated by VHS far outpaces anything Blu-ray can muster and gives customers the peace of mind that is represented by this real world validation:
#1 in VCR’s: VHS has a commanding lead in the VCR market, with a 56.1% revenue share, and a 53.1% unit share. VHS has led the VCR market for 14 consecutive quarters. Blu-Ray has yet to break out of the “Others” category.i
2M+ VCR’s Shipped. VHS has shipped more than 2 Million VCR’S since 1979, shipping more than DVD and BLU-RAY COMBINED during this time.
3M+ VHS Tapes Shipped. 24% of all Tapes worldwide play on VHS systems Blu-ray claims 1 million of these new fangled and unproven “Discs” shipped.

This is not a dig at HP but simply shows that just because they are the market leader and currently have market dominance that does not mean that it should be the solution of choice going forward.
Fact is theres a new player (too early to say Sherriff) in town and that can only be a good thing for customers and to drive the technology where it needs to go.


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