Cisco UCS Active Directory Integration

Last week on Twitter I asked for the topics people would most like to see covered on my blog, and the winner was Cisco UCS and LDAP / AD Intergration
so here it is:

As a side note I also had requests to show a full UCS upgrade start to finish. to which I had to respond ” This has been on my blog site for over a year”, and can be found here so well worth familiarising yourselves with older posts in the archive.
(The upgrade to 2.0x is the same proceedure, but always use the right upgrade guide though i.e 1.4x to 2.0x etc..)

Have fun!


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9 Responses to Cisco UCS Active Directory Integration

  1. DGI says:

    I have followed your video, but gets login error. Failed login info: Authentication failed. Have any idea of what I do wrong? Have AD 2008 R2 and UCS 2.0.3C. I have tried two times, with the same error.

    • ucsguru says:

      Hi Thanks for watching the vids,
      It could be a number of things as there are several componets involved.
      There is certainly room for error in setting this up as there are lots of case sensitive strings involved.
      Suggest to step through it again using both my video guides and the below document.

      Click to access b_UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_2_0.pdf

      If that fails suggest you open a TAC case as certainly should work.

      Good Luck.

  2. DGI says:

    Hi, and thanks alot for responding 🙂

    It seems like I have to do this:
    Alternatively, you can create an attribute named
    CiscoAVPair in the remote authentication service with the following
    attribute ID:
    But I have no clue where to do it. Can’t find remote authentication service. Have you done any of this?

  3. foogeelah says:

    HI, I’ve just watched the video which was a great help, accept I’ve hit a snag! I can do a test authentication via the CLI and it succeeds fine, but when I try to login to the gui, it fails – any ideas? My user account is enabled for the two locales I have setup in UCSM.

    Also… I don’t get a ‘DOMAIN’ drop down box at login? Just the username / password ?????

    It was me! I had to refresh the UCSM icon on my desktop. Perfect. What a video!! The Cisco doc leaves some crucial elements out…

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  5. Aiham says:

    Thanks for the info, but if you”ll decide to authenticate using openLDAP (NO AD) is UCS support openLDAP parameters in respect to DN, bind or filter? Is there any Cisco guide for that?


  6. mroushdy says:

    Thanks for this topic, however, it didn’t work for me, do I need to configure something in AD schema first to allow UCS to communicate with LDAP?

    • ucsguru says:

      Nope, this is all you need, if its not working for you double check your bind account password, and your BaseDN, make sure it’s the same level or higher than where your bind account and groups are.

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