Cisco UCS Integration with Cisco ACI (Manual Method)

This video gives a complete walkthrough of configuring a Cisco UCS domain into a Cisco ACI Fabric, and then extending the Cisco ACI Policy into a VMware vSphere environment within that UCS infrastructure.

There has also been an update to this video showing the same configurations using the Wizards and Canvas available in later versions of Cisco ACI (Link below)


Have fun!



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3 Responses to Cisco UCS Integration with Cisco ACI (Manual Method)

  1. Hi Colin, I notice that at about 33:30, you show/select FABRIC > ACCESS POLICIES > Switch Policies > Policies > Virtual Port Channel Default, and voilà, there is an Explicit VPC Protection Group already created. Now I have always manually created the Explicit VPC Protection Group – pretty much as you have shown, but I didn’t see you do it in the video. Did I fall asleep when you did that bit? Or did it get created auto-magically?

    I’ll probably have some more comments about your naming conventions later on, but I haven’t finished watching yet.

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  3. ACI User says:

    I love the detailed explanation of configuration and really appreciate creating them as that helped me to clear up confusion in ACI world. Can you by any chance do video on how to connect Cisco ASA (or any firewall) to ACI ? if possible can you do non-transparent mode of firewall as I think thats mostly deployed (In my mind atleast)

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