Cisco VM-FEX Introduction Part 2

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3 Responses to Cisco VM-FEX Introduction Part 2

  1. Ramnath says:

    VM-FEX is physical component or it’s Software component

    • ucsguru says:

      Hi Ramnath
      There is no specific hardware or software you need to buy to enable VM-FEX on Cisco UCS, over and above standard Cisco UCS Hardware (FI & VIC1240,VIC1280 or M81KR) There is also no licensing requirement.


  2. B Guha says:

    Very useful videos. Thanks. Is it still the case (latest release of UCS, vNIC, and vSphere 5.5U2) with VM FEX (HP mode) that it is best implemented using dvSwitch on the vSphere side as you have described in the video?

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