UCS M3 Servers Announced

B200 M3

Get ready to “Pimp your Cloud” as today Cisco launched the B200 M3 blade server, aswell as the C220 M3, and C240 M3 rack mount servers to co-incide with Intels E5-2600 “Romley” launch last Tuesday.

These new 2 socket (Sandy Bridge-EP) servers are built on Intel’s much anticipated E5-2600 processors and Patsburg chipsets, as well as lots of enhancements throughout the server architecture.

This new range will also have LAN on board (mLOM) a VIC 1240 (PALO 2) it provides 2 x 20Gb traces per server with an upgrade module which will take it upto 2 x 40Gb, but still be able to take a standard MEZ card (Should finally silence those who complained that a single MEZ card in a half width blade is a single point of failure despite the immense MTBF)

More Grunt, now with 8 cores per EP CPU, which will compliment the additional bandwidth features of the UCS Gen 2 Hardware nicely.

Maximum memory capacity is 384 GB (with 16 GB DIMMs) capable or running at upto 1600MHz

Also announced was Multi-UCS Manager which alows the management of multiple UCS domains, even spread across geographical areas.

The full spec sheet can be found at
B200 M3
C220 M3
C240 M3


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2 Responses to UCS M3 Servers Announced

  1. Bryan says:

    Hi, Can you tell me what event or material announced the Multi-UCS Manager and what is the name of it? We’ve been wanting that.
    Thank you,

    • ucsguru says:

      Hi Bryan

      Agree, I have lots of UCS customers really looking forward to this too.

      Multi UCS Manager (MUM) was mentioned in the M3 launch, I am told that it may well get an official “launch” at Cisco Live San Diego in June.

      Cisco Live 365 is free to use so even if you are not going to Cisco Live US you can attend virtually and get any announcements as they happen. Would look for the UCS update session.


      In the meantime UCS dashboard has been out a while and can be downloaded from the links on my blog. Gives you read only visibility and monitoring of multiple UCS domains.


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