“UCS for my wife”

Sad though it is I was trying to convey the value of Cisco UCS to my wife, and in trying to find an analogy that she could relate to, and that would get the point across, I sketched out the attached diagram. Anyway she now appreciates the benefits of.

1. Less physical kit to power, cool and maintain
2. A unified device which if it fails you just replace it and all your recorded programs etc.. are not lost (Stateless)
3. It can store far more programs than any other comparable device (EMT)
4. Uses a unified cabling system to the TV (Unified Fabric / FCoE)
5. A single remote control that controls everything (UCSM)


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Principal Consultant and Data Center Subject Matter Expert. I do not work or speak for Cisco or any other vendor.
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6 Responses to “UCS for my wife”

  1. power says:

    what a geek 🙂

  2. Craig says:

    This would make a good “Management Overview”

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  4. jmlucien says:

    You have just Unified the home theater industry.

  5. jenniaa says:

    This is actually pretty cute/clever/funny. I am relieved that you aren’t TRADING UCS for your WIFE (as the title could suggest.) 🙂

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